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Why Markies?

For Fish & Chip Shops

  • Consistent Quality
  • Less Damage
  • Better Standing

The consistant fry quality of the supply throughout the season says it all! Reduction in oil usage and faster frying at lower temperatures gives Markies the edge over all other varieties.

"From Farm, Merchant, to End User, Markies ticks all the boxes, yield, quality and in fry colour"
Mark Lawe of Crowland Produce

Fish & Chip Shop information

For Growers

  • Better Yields
  • Better Shape
  • Better Storage

With increased yields and less bruising, returns of a premium product make Markies the number one choice for any grower. Markies has the ability to produce a chip shop frying potato that can be grown on a wider choice of field types than Maris Piper.

Grower information

Agrico the home of Markies.